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Irfan Junejo Quits YouTube due to Self-Esteem Issues

Irfan Junejo famous Pakistani Vlogger YouTuber announced to quit vlogging. Irfan’s fans are very sad after his announcement. Irfan Junejo quits YouTube and vlogging in a recent video on his official YouTube account. Irfan also explained the reason for doing so. The major reasons he mentions were self-esteem, anxiety and confidence issues.

Irfan Junejo Quits YouTube

irfan junejo quits youtube

Irfan Junejo stated that he has left going to award shows, and he has reduced the use of the camera. He started making vlogs because loved to watch vlogs. He never imagined getting fame from his vlogs. He said that he has fulfilled his all material desire through his vlogs. In today’s modern age, it’s not difficult to get fame but getting recognition is difficult. He thanks Allah Almighty that he got recognition and the feeling of compliments from fans is indescribable. He has no more confidence to make whatever he wants to make.

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irfan junejo quits youtube

Irfan Junejo mentioned the French painter Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s story answered Irfan’s questions and curiosities. Irfan told Van Gogh’s story in his video. Van Gogh lived in poverty. He had no food to eat but did not quit painting. He loved to paint and kept on painting. He even lost his teeth due to continuing hunger. Then one day he received a letter from his brother about the sale of his first painting. At that time Van Gogh said “You know the fireflies in Brazil that are so luminous that in the evening ladies stick them into their hairs with a pin. It’s very fine, fame, but see it is to the artist what hairpins are to those insects. You wish to succeed and shine; do you really know what you want.”

Irfan announced that he is more interested in making vlogs. He is not quitting YouTube but quitting vlogs. He could make vlogs in his life whenever he desires but currently, he is not able to make vlogs anymore. He’ll make whatever he wants to make and whenever he wants to make it.

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