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Indians Criticized Aamir Khan for Meeting Wife of Turkish President

Famous Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is slammed by Indian media and public for meeting the wife of the Turkish president, Turkey’s First Lady Emine Erdogan. Aamir Khan is in Turkey these days for shooting his upcoming film “Laal Singh Chadda”. During his Turkey visit, some pics of Aamir Khan and Emine Erdogan went viral on social media. Indian Media and the public criticized Aamir Khan for meeting Turkey’s First Lady.

aamir khan turkey first lady
aamir khan turkey first lady

Many Hindu organizations of India and News channels highlighted the meeting of Aamir Khan and Wife of Turkish President Emine Erdogan. India and Turkey don’t have good terms for many years. Recently, Aamir Khan gave a statement in favor of Pakistan regarding Kashmir issue. He also denied meeting Israeli Prime Minister recently and Indians were not happy with his behavior.

Indians are calling Aamir Khan a traitor and Muslim supporter. Even Indians claimed that Aamir Khan is going to live in Turkey with his family soon because he feels unsafe in India. Some Indians just want to boycott the upcoming movie of Aamir Khan “Laal Singh Chaada”. Hashtag #BoycotLaalSinghChaada was trending on social media. Many memes were also viral on social media and he was trolled for meeting Emine Erdogan in Istanbul.

Aamir Khan’s fans are supporting him in this whole controversy of Aamir Khan visiting Turkey’s first lady Emine Erdogan. His fans believe that it’s just a normal thing, not a big deal at all. Some Indians also announce to boycott all movies of Aamir khan because they consider him an anti-state person now.

Aamir Khan in hot water after the release of his movie PK. In the movie, he gave a message of unity between all religions and how mullahs, pandits, and pops exploit peoples in name of their faith in God. But Indians Hindus filed a case against him and protested in different cities.

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