Imran Khan Quotes in Urdu 2023, Sayings for Status

Imran Khan famous inspirational quotes 2023 in Urdu about Pakistan and success. His quotes about leadership and corruption are bundles of motivation. Let’s look at the legend Imran Khan’s best sayings in Urdu and English.

Imran Khan Quotes in Urdu 2023

“Pahle Vo Ap Ko Nazerandaz Krte Hain, Phir Vo Aap Per Haste Hain Phir Vo Aap Se Derte Hain Aur Phir Ap Jeet Jate Hain.”

“Apne Under K Khof Ko Khatam Kr Do Tu Ap Dunia K Kamyab Insan Bun Jao Gy.”

“Allah Ne Insan k Hath Mein Sirf Niaat Aur Kosisi Di Hai, Kamyabi Vo Khud Deta Hai.”

“Apne Khawab K Lie Samjota Kro Lekin Apne Khawab Per Kabhi Samjhota Na Hone Do.”

“Rehnama Logoow Ki Rahnamai Krta Hai, Rehnama Logow Ki Rae Ki Parvei Nhe Krta.”

“Aj Tak Na Mein Kisi K Samne Jhuka Hun Aur Na Apni Qoam Ko Kisi k Samne Jhukne Doow Ga.”

“Insan Ko Jasmani Taqat Nhe Balk Eman Ki Taqat Mazboot Banati Hai.”

“Ap Apne Qardar K Zarie Logoow Ko Musalman Krien, Bundoq K Zor Per Kabhi Islam Nhe Phalta Balk Ap k Qardar Se Phalta Hai.”

Imran Khan Quotes in English

“There is so much debate about moderate and radical Islam but there is only one Islam.”

“Mothers train your children to only speak the truth.”

“It’s more important to try to do something for the crores of poor people in the country.”

“We have come here to make the Nation promised by Quaid e Azam.”

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“Visionary leaders do not make the popular decisions, they make right decisions.”

“I wanted to be an outstanding player that was my ambition.”

“The team which handles the pressure best carries the day.”

“I believed in myself. I never imagined myself as just an ordinary player.”

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