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High Tides 2023 Series Cast Name & Story – Netflix Drama

High Tides is a 2023 teen drama Netflix series. This German series is a perfect combination of romance, emotions, and entertainment. The story revolves around a group of friends, who face harsh adulthood realities. Get more details about the High Tides 2023 Netflix series full cast real name, age, and photos.

Series Details

Genres: Romance
Channel: Netflix
Language: Flemish
Duration: 40 mints
Total Episodes: 10

Release Date

The first season of the series High Tides was released on 7th December 2023 on Netflix.

High Tides 2023 Series Cast

Pommelien Thijs as Louise Basteyns

Pommelien Thijs is a young Belgian actress and she played the main role of Louise Basteyns. She is 22 years old. She started her career in 2010 as a child actress. Her recent series is “The Voice Kids”.

High Tides 2023 Series Cast

Willem De Schryver as Alexander Vandael

Willem De Schryv played the role of Alexander Vandael. He is 22 years old. He also works as a model for famous Belgian fashion brands.

High Tides 2023 Series Cast

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Eliyha Altena as Daan

Eliyha Altena is a well-known Dutch actor. He is also part of the main cast of the series. His real age is 21 years old. He was part of the cast of the series Hunter Street.

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Supporting Cast

Manouk Pluis as Anouk
Ayana Doucoure as Margaux
Kes Bakker as Matti
Jef Hellemans as Victor
Emma Moortgat as Emilie Basteyns
Ruth Becquart as Eleonore
Anna Drijver as Melissa
Ini Massez as Angelique
Jasmine Sendar as Christine
Pieter Genard as Jan Basteyns
Felicia Van Remoortel as Olivia
Pierre Gervais as Charles
Caroline Stas as Claudia

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