Hidden Marriage with Boss Chinese Drama Cast Name

Hidden Marriage With Boss is a 2023 romantic Chinese drama. The drama shows the love story of an advertising company director Jian Bing and a new employee Shengyang. Jian Bin just ended her marriage and when she met Sheng Yang her life took a new turn. Let’s have a look at the Hidden Marriage with Boss Chinese drama cast real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Comedy
Writer: Li Xiao
Duration: 45 mints
Total Episodes: 36

Hidden Marriage with Boss Chinese Drama Cast

Bai Bai He as Jian Bing

Bai Bai He is a 39 years old talented actress. Her character name is Jian Bing. Her top dramas are “Modern Marriage” and “Our Times”. She played the main roles in many romantic and comedy Chinese dramas.

Hidden Marriage with Boss Chinese Drama Cast

Xiao Zhan as Sheng Yang

Xiao Zhan is a famous Chinese actor and singer. He played the lead role of Sheng Yang. He is 32 years old. His recent hit Chinese dramas are “The Longest Promise” and “The Youth Memories”. He started his career in 2016.

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Zhu Zhu as Liang Shan Shan

Zhu Zhu’s character name is Liang Shan Shan. She is 39 years old and known for her best acting in Chinese dramas. Her latest dramas are “The Tale of Rose” and “The Road to Ordinary”.

Supporting Cast

Tian Yu as Xue Yi Ming
Yang Hao yu as Sheng Xiang Qian
Wang Lin as Luo Mei Juan
Liu Xun as Song Chen
Julia Xinag as Pan Rou
Wu Xing Jian as Hao Jun Jie
Mark Han as Wang You De
Bu Guan Jin as Jian Shuang
Yuan We Kang as Fang Mu

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