He Approached to Me Chinese Drama Cast & Story

He Approached to Me is a 2023 romantic Chinese drama series. It story revolves around a workaholic woman whose love life is very dramatic. It is an intriguing drama series. Here we have the 2023 Chinese drama series He Approached to Me cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
Language: Chinese
Duration: 42 Minutes
Total Episodes: 42 Episodes

He Approached to Me Chinese Drama Cast

Sean Zhang as Zhang Meng
Kid Young as Luo Chang
Tong Liya as He Da Ye
Anson Shi as Zhang Yang Yang
Chen Hao as Shi Tao
Xu Feng Yi as Liu Dan
Kenneth Zhu as Huang Da Fang
Ren Fei Er as He Da Ye (Young)
Dai Ting Rui as Lu Jun
Zhang Shu Hong as Chao Mo

Where to Watch

You can watch the Chinese drama He Approached to Me on YouTube.

Release Date

The first episode of the drama was released on 31 March with the title Good Every Day.

he approached to me 2023 chinese drama cast name

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He Approached to Me Chinese Drama Story

He Approached to Me is the story of a He Da Ye who is a workaholic lady and always prioritized her career. Once she decided to get married and finally marry a man who liked her. But they get divorced after a short period of time.

He Da Ye’s life changes and takes an interesting twist when she meets a model Zhang Meng. An interesting love story starts and she eventually learns to manage her love and work life.

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