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Hareem Shah Father broke into tears & Apologized Nation

In the Video Message, Hareem Shah Father was broken into tears which were really heartbreaking. Her father’s name is Zarrar Hussain and he belongs to KPK. According to Hareem Shah’s father, he is really very upset due to her daughter’s viral videos with politicians. He said he is in very pain due to Hareem’s act. Their family has never played with someone’s respect. He always respected and obeyed his parents. Just one time in his life, his parents were angry with him but he apologized later on.

Hareem Shah Father

Hareem Shah has not responded to her father’s video message publicly yet.

hareem shah father

Hareem Shah’s father also revealed that he sent Hareem to a religious school (Madrassah) to get religious education. He never thought her daughter could do this vulgar thing in her life. Hareem’s father apologized for whole nation for her daughter’s controversial videos. He apologized for all who are heart from her videos. He prayed from Allah Almighty to show her daughter the right path and forgive her past.

hareem shah father
hareem shah father

Hareem Shah is known for her viral Tik Tok videos. In every video, she tries to involve some Pakistani Politicians which she calls exposing the politicians. Her pictures with many PTI politicians who are current ministers are viral on social media. Not only pictures, But She also has some Video scandals involving famous Pakistani Politicians. A few months ago, Hareem Shah and Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan Video went viral on Social Media in Pakistan which raised many questions. Recently, Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed Video are viral on the internet which has raised many questions. After all this, the Hareem Shah Father video was shared recently on social media.

Hareem Shah Father’s video was really very heartbreaking. He can be seen clearly in extreme pain. Hareem Shah’s recent scandal was with railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed broke the internet. Pakistani want to know why and how is Hareem Shah targeting all politicians of Pakistan. Hareem’s father video message was shared by Mubasher Luqman via his YouTube Channel.

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