Hamza Amin Biography, Golf Player Age, Wife, Father, Career

Hamza Amin is a Pakistani Austrian Golf player and represented Pakistan in many international Tours. Hamza Amin Golfer’s full biography, age, education, wife, father, family, career, and other interesting facts about his life. He started his career in 2008 and proved his talent. He won many international matches and take a new turn to the Golf game in Pakistan. Let’s look at the Hamza Amin complete Biodata.

Hamza Amin Golfer Biography

Age & Height

Haza Amin was born n 15th October 1987 in Pakistan. He is 35 years old.


His father is also top Pakistani Golfer. He is the son of Chairman Asia Pacific Golf Federation Taimur Hassan Amin. He belongs to a talented family.


Hamza Amin has both Pakistani and Austrian Nationalities.


Hamza Amin is engaged to actress Ushna Shah.

Hamza Amin and Ushna Shah

Hamza Amin and Ushna Shah are engaged.


He started to play golf at the age of 10 years. Hamza Amin represented Pakistan at Asian Championship in South Korea in 2008. He represented Pakistan in many international tournaments. He was a member of the Asian Tour from 2014 to 2020. Hamza is also the Brand Ambassador of DHA Multan.

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Social Media Handles

Hamza Amin Instagram: hamza.amin87

Hamza Amin Biography
Hamza Amin Biography
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