Hamid Mir Biography, Age, Wife, Brother, Son, Salary, Cast

Hamid Mir is a Pakistani Journalist, host, and anchor. He has worked with many famous Pakistani News channels. He is the only journalist who interviewed Osama Bin Laden. Hamid Mir has been banned three times from TV and survived three Murder attempts. Read Hamid Mir biography, including age, wife, daughter, son, brother, family, salary, and cast details.

journalist hamid mir biography wife son daughter cast salary

Hamid Mir Biography


Journalist Hamid Mir was born on 23 July 1966 and he is 56 years old now.


Hamid Mir has studied at Punjab University and GC University Lahore.


Waris Mir was the father of Journalist Hamid Mir. He was a column writer at Daily Jang. Actress and TV show host Huma Mir is the sister of Hamid Mir.

Hamid Mir Wife

Naheed Mir is the wife of Journalist Hamid Mir. She used to work at PTV. But left her job and moved abroad due to security issues.  

Hamid Mir Son and Daughter

Ayesh Mir is the daughter of Journalist Hamid Mir. Arfat Mir is the son of Hamis Mir. He got married in 2019 in Islamabad. Many politicians and influential people attended his wedding.

journalist hamid mir biography wife son daughter cast salary


Journalist Hamid Mir is among highest paid Pakistani politicians and his salary is around 45 lacs per month (4.6 Million).

Hamid Mir Cast

Hamid Mir’s cast is Mir (Meer). His mother’s family is from Azad Kashmir.

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Hamid Mir started working as an Editor at Daily Jang in 1987. He lost his job at Daily Jang due to an article about the involvement of Asif Ali Zardari and Navy officials in a Submarine Purchase Scandal.

In 1996, Hamid Mir joined Daily Pakistan. He is the only journalist to interview Osama Bin Laden three times after the 9/11 attack. In 2002 he joined Geo News.

Hamid Mir was banned from Geo News. He joined GNN but after two months he returned To Geo News in 2018.

Social Media Handle

Twitter: HamidMirPAK

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