Griselda Series 2024 Cast Name, Characters & Actors

Griselda is a 2024 thriller Netflix series based on the story of a real-life drug lord Griselda Blanco. Sofia Vergara, Karol G, and many other stunning actors have performed intriguing characters in the series Griselda. Here we have the 2024 Netflix series Griselda cast real name with pictures, actors, and character details.

Griselda 2024 Series Cast Name

Sofia Vergara as Griselda

Actress Sofia Vergara has portrayed the character of Griselda Blanco in the series. Griselda Blanco was a top drug lord aka Godmother in Miami who supplied drugs from Columbia to America.

griselda series cast name character actors details

David Zaldivar as Rigo

American actor David Zaldivar has portrayed the role of Rigo in the series Griselda. Rigo is an immigrant who works for Griselda and plans to kill Papo.

Jose Zuniga as Amilcar

Actor Jose Zuniga has portrayed the character of Amilcar in the 2024 series Griselda. He is 58 years 58-year-old versatile and talented actor.

Ernesto Alterio as Fernando

Argentinian Spanish actor Ernesto Alterio has played the character of Fernando, Alberto’s brother in the 2024 series Griselda Blanco.

Gabriel Sloyer as Detective Raul Diaz

Gabriel Sloyer performed the character of Detective Raul Diaz in the series Griselda. Raul Diaz is the head of the team from the drug investigation department in Miami. Diaz led the team that investigated the drug business of Griselda.

griselda series cast name character actors details

Paulina Davila as Isa (Isabel)

Paulina Davila has performed the character of Isabel aka Isa in the Netflix series Griselda. Isa is a friend of Griselda from Columbia. She comes to Miami to help Griselda in her drug business in America.

Martin Rodirguez as Rivi

Martin Rodriguez played the role of Rivi in the 2024 Netflix series Griselda. Rivi is a hitman who works with Griselda. He was like her right hand.

Alberto Guerra as Dario

Alberto Guerra performed the character of Dario in the series Griselda. Dario was the third husband of Griselda Blanco in real and the father of Michael Blanco. He died in Columbia when he was with his son Michael.

griselda series cast name character actors details

Juliana Aiden Martinez as June

Juliana Aiden Martinez plays the character of June in the Griselda Netflix series. June is a detective and intelligence officer who was part of the drug investigation team.

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Vanessa Ferlito as Carmen

Vanessa Ferlito performed the role of Carmen in the series Griselda. Carmen is Griselda’s partner in the trafficking business but she did not support her drug business in Miami.

griselda series cast name character actors details

Camilo Jimenez Varon as Rafa Salazar

Maximiliano Hernandez as Papo

Alberto Amman as Alberto Bravo

Orlando Pineda as Dixon

Jose Velazquez as Uber

Martin Fajadoro as Ozzy

Karol G as Carla

Christian Tappan as Arturo

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