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Good Night World Anime Characters Name & Cast Pics

Good Night World is a 2023 Anime Japanese series. This is written and illustrated by Urdu Okabe. The story is full of suspense and adventure. This is one of the most appreciated Anime series released in 2023. Read more details about the 2023 Anime Good Night World Characters Name and cast age details.

Release Date

Good Night World Anime Series was released on 12 October 2023, this is also available on Netflix with English subtitles.


The story of the Good Night World Anime series revolves around the four members of the family. They find peace in an interesting game “Planet”. Planet is a virtual reality online game, in which players need to socialize with other players.

Good Night World Anime Characters

Main Characters
Daisuke Hirose as Ichi / Taichiro Arima (Male)

Good Night World Anime Characters

Aya Endou as May / Sayaka Arima (Female)

Good Night World Anime Characters

Nobunaga Shimazaki as AAAAA / Asuma Arima
Akio Otsuka as Shiro Akabane / Kojiro Arima

Supporting Characters
Aoi Yuuki as Pico
Ryouhei Kimura as Leon
Kenjiro Tsuda as Sasumata
Hiroki Nanmi as Sasumata
Rie Takahashi as Hana Kamuro
Inori Minase as Aya Arima

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