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From the Ashes is a 2024 Saudi Netflix movie with a unique story and the best actors. The movie was released on Netflix in Arabian language and English subtitles. The viewers are impressed with the brilliant acting of the actors. Get more information about the Saudi 2024 Netflix movie From the Ashes cast real name, story, and release date.

Drama Details

Genres: Thriller, Suspense
Saudi Arabia
Channel: Netflix
Director: Khalid Fahad
Language: Arabic
Duration: 1 hr 32 minutes

From the Ashes Sauid Netflix Movie Cast

Shaima Al Tayab as Principle
Adhwa Fahad as Seham
Khairia Abu Laban
Darin Al Bayed
Aesha Al Refai

Release Date

The 2024 movie From the Ashes was released on 18th January 2024.

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From the Ashes Saudi Netflix Movie Story

The story of the 2024 Saudi movie From the Ashes is about a girls’ school where a fire breaks out. One student and one teacher died in that incident at school. But after investigation, it comes to know that the Ameera who died was locked in the storeroom of the school that’s why she couldn’t rescued. After a detailed investigation, Rana who is the daughter of the principal is the one who locked Ameera in the store out of jealousy.

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