Fighting for Love Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story Details

Fighting For Love is a 2024 Romantic Chinese drama. The story revolves around a young female warrior A Mai, who takes revenge for injustice with her family. She is a brave girl and she saves the life of a young man Shang Yi Zhi. The story of Fighting for Love is full of romance, suspense, and action. Get more information about the 2024 Fighting for Love Chinese Drama cast real name, age, and much more.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Thriller
Director: Jacob Cheung
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 mints
Total Episodes: 36

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama Fighting for Love was released on 31st January 2024.

Fighting for Love Chinese Drama Cast

Zhang Tian Ai as A Mai

Zhang Tian Ai played the role of A Mai in Fighting for Love and impressed the drama viewers with her best acting. She is 35 years old and plays an important role in many hit Chinese dramas. Her other hit dramas are “The Guardians” and “The Brightest of Us”.

Zhang Hao Wei as Shang Yi Zhi

Zhang Hao Wei’s character name is Shang Yi Zhi. His real age is 33 years old. His famous dramas are “The Trust” and “Love the Way You Are”.

Wang Rui Chang as Cheng Yu Qing

Wang Rui Chand played the role of Cheng Yu Qing in this drama. He is known for playing the lead roles in the dramas “Brilliant Class 8” and “Dear Diary”.

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Supporting Cast

Gao Ge as Tang Shao Yi
Wang Sho Yu a Li Er Niu
Huo Wen Qi as Dong Zi
Xu Min as Wang Qi
Geng Li Shu as Sun Xiao Wei
Liu Zhnag Yin as Liang Shao
Luo Ting as Gui Shun
Liu Chen Xia as Shen’s mother
Zhang Shang Ming Zhu as Maiden
Zhu Mo Yan as Lu Li
Jiang Wei as Zhao Zhong
Jiao Yu as Rou Feo

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