Fatima Faisal Biography, Age, Education, University, Husband

Fatima Faisal is a famous Pakistani vlogger and content creator. She has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram. She started making YouTube videos with her sisters for their channel sistrology. Here we have Fatima Faisal biography, age, family, education, university, husband, and other details.

fatima faisal biography age husband family university study

Fatima Faisal Biography


Fatima Faisal was born on 28 January 2008 and she is 22 years old now.


Fatima Faisal is doing MBBS. Currently, she is a third-year student.

Fatima Faisal University

Fatima Faisal studies at the University of Lahore (UOL).


Fatima Faisal has five sisters. She is on third oldest sister in the family. Her father Faisal is a doctor. Her mother is a housewife. Hira and Zainab are her younger sister. Doctor Iqra Kanwal is her eldest sister.

Fatima Faisal Husband

Fatima Faisal is not married yet.


Fatima Faisal is currently a student, vlogger, and digital content creator. She uploads vlogs regularly on Youtube. Fatima also does modeling many different brands. She also uploads videos in collaboration with her sisters.

Fatima Faisal has pursued her study along with her passion for content creation. She is one of the most popular Pakistani YouTubers and Instagram influencers.

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Social Media Handle

YouTube: Fatimafaisal
Instagram: fatimafaisal_

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