Fathers Day Date 2022 in Pakistan – When is Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in Pakistan every year with love and compassion. Here we have Fathers day Date 2022 in Pakistan and other details.

Fathers Day Date 2022 in Pakistan

Father’s day 2022 Date is 19 June 2022 in Pakistan. Father’s day will be celebrated on 19th June 2022. On Father’s Day, everyone expresses their love for their father and gratitude towards him.

FAQs about Father’s Day

When is Father’s Day 2022 in Pakistan?
Fathers Day 2022 is on 19th June in Pakistan.

Why is Fathers Day in June?
The birth Month of Father of Holidays is in June. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Is there two Father’s Day?
There is only one international Father’s Day. In some countries, Father’s Day is celebrated in September.

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