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Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan to join Peshawar Zalmi

Famous Turkish actress and model Esra Bilgic known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan announced some good news for fans of Peshawar Zalmi. Head of PSL Team Peshawar Zalmi asked the fans would they like to have Ertugrul as their brand ambassador and fans just loved his ideas. Then he also asked what if Halima joins them too. Recently, Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan announced to share the good news with Peshawar Zalmi fans soon, and obviously, it would be about the brand ambassador thing. Fans are very excited after Halima’s announcement.

Halima Sultan Join Peshawar Zalmi

Cricket fans have become extremely excited after the hints by their favorite Halima Sultan about joining the Peshawar Zalmi as a brand ambassador. Esra Bilgic tweeted on his official Twitter account that she’s sharing some good news soon and mentioned the head of Peshawar Zalmi Jawed Afridi. After Esra’s tweet Pakistani cricket fans and Drama Ertugrul Ghazi fans are extremely excited. This news is trending on the social media in Pakistan.


Drama Ertugrul Ghazi fans are also happy after Esra Bilgic’s tweet. Ertugrul Ghazi became a big hit in Pakistan and fans just loved its cast and story. Some fans are happy for Halima Sultan to become part of the PSL team and some are trolling Pakistani actors and actresses. In 2019, actress Sana Javed was the brand ambassador of team Peshawar Zalmi. Similarly, other PSL teams always have Pakistani actors as brand ambassadors. This is for the first time in the history of PSL that any International actor will be the brand ambassador of the team. Some troller suggested Lahore Qalander have the character Saad Uddin Kopek as Brand ambassador and some suggestions to have Selcan as their brand ambassador for other PSL teams.


After the historical success of Ertugrul Ghazi drama in Pakistani, many Pakistani actors and actresses were seen as insecure by the popularity of the drama. Some actors disliked the drama and gave a bad reviews of the drama. But Ertugrul Ghazi fans did not let any Pakistani actor degrade their favorite show and the view of the drama even increased.

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