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Ek Haseen Inteqam Turkish Drama Cast Real Name, Story

Ek Haseen Inteqam is a famous Turkish Drama dubbed in Urdu. Drama Ek Haseen Inteqam Turkish name is “Tatli Intikam”. Ek Haseen Inteqam a romantic Turkish drama with an amazing cast.

Ek Haseen Inteqam Turkish Drama Cast

Furqan Andic (Shahaan)
Leyla Lydia Tugutlu (Maheen)
Seren Deniz Yalcin (Shiza)
Can Nergis (Roshan)
Zeyno Gunenc (Maheen’s Mother)
Kareem Atabeyoglu (Maheen’s Father)
Hazal Turesan (Bahar)
Cemre Gumeli (Semi)
Cagri Citanak (Moiz)
Busra Develi

ek haseen intikam drama cast


Ek Haseen Intikam (Tatli Intikam) is directed by Baris  Ercetin.


Drama Ek Haseen Intikam (Tatali Intikam) is produced by D Productions.


Turkish Drama Ek Haseen Intikam is written by Pinar Ordu.

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Ek Haseen Inteqam Turkish Drama Story

Ek Haseen Inteqam (Tatli Initkam) is a romantic comedy dram with a very interesting story. Its story revolves around the life of two youngsters Maheen and Shahaan. Maheen is a rich and pretty girl who always wants everything according to her desires. Maheen was going to marry Roshan but he leaves her due to her possessive nature.

ek haseen intikam drama cast
ek haseen intikam drama cast

Maheen gets very upset when Roshan leaves. Then her friends make her realize the reason due to which Roshan left her. Shahaan and Maheen studied in the same college. Shahaan uses to be an unattractive and simple guy in college but loves Maheen. He purposes Maheen in front of the whole college but Maheen insults her.

Now Shahaan hates Maheen. But Maheen thinks that Roshan left her because she hurt his feelings of Shahaan. Now she wants Shahaan to forgive her but he doesn’t. Maheen starts doing a job at Shahaan’s restaurant to seek his forgiveness. Some interesting twists happen and eventually, Maheen and Shahaan again fell in love. But Shiza like Shahaan and becomes a hurdle in their love story.

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