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Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth – Who is the Richest?

Dubai Bling Season 2 again impresses the viewers with the extra lavish lifestyle of the participants of the show. The new cast members are also successful UAE-based entrepreneurs. The amazing lifestyle of Millionaires surprised the audiences. Dubai Bling 2 new members are Mona Kattan, Mohammad Ali, Sima Ved, and Salem Khammas. Let’s have a look at Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth and Who is the Richest of all stars? We have shared the data according to available online resources.

Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth

NameNet WorthJob
Mona Kattan$200 KCo-founder Huda Beauty, Perfume Barnd Kayali
DJ Bliss & Danya$200 KDJ, Entertainer, Youtuber
Ebraheem$500 KForever Rose Cafe, Al Samadi Group
LJ aka Loujain$400 KModel, Host
Farhana Bodi$380 KModel, Blogger, Makeup Artist
Zeina Khoury$310 KReal Estate Broker & Luxury Property Sale Specialist
Kris & Brianna$200 KLeading Radio Host
Fahad Siddiqui$400 KCEO of Siddiqui Group of Companies
Safa Siddiqui$180 KHousewife & Fashion Designer
Lojain Omran$100k-300KTV Star
Mohammad Ali$200 KProfessional Boxer
Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth


Who is the wealthiest in the Dubai Bling?
Ebraheem is the richest in the Dubai Bling.
Is LJ from Dubai Bling a billionaire?
LJ’s net worth is nearly $4 Million, his husband was a billionaire.

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