Dowry is officially Banned in Pakistan, No More Expensive Gifts

The tradition of exchanging Expensive gifts and dowry is very common in Pakistan. Dowry has become part of culture and wedding traditions. Whether someone could afford it or not, it has become a necessary element of the wedding. Many young girls have lost their lives due to the dowry culture. The Pakistani government has officially taken steps to eradicate this evil element. Dowry has been banned in Pakistan and a law has been passed regarding it.  

dowry banned in Pakistan

Pakistan has become the first Muslim county in the world to pass the law of banning dowry completely. Only clothes (for the bride only) and bedsheets are two things that are allowed at the time of the wedding. Exchange of all types of expensive gifts, property, and any other thing is not allowed in dowry now.

Before the approval of this law, dowry was allowed officially and the things included in dowry were written in Nikkah Nama. In case of divorce, the groom was obliged to return all dowry with Haq Mehar. But now Dowry has been completely banned in Pakistan by Government. The Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan stated that law to ban the dowry has been passed by the Pakistani government.

dowry banned in Pakistan

The issue of dowry has taken many innocent lives and many girls are unmarried just because of the unavailability of dowry. Many poor people who could not afford a dowry, are forced to take loans and arrange dowry for their daughter. Typical dowry includes Clothes for groom and bride, furniture, machinery, and sometimes vehicles and property.

Cases of girls burning alive and killed by in-law just to capture the dowry have been witnessed in Pakistan. Finally, the Pakistani government has taken a good step to ban dowry in Pakistan. But like all other rules, maybe this rule would also be ignored or would be continued secretly. Well, now the next step for the Pakistani government is to show a practical demonstration of rules in law.

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