Dildara OST Lyrics – Kuch Ankahi Drama Song 2023

Dildara Kuch Ankahi drama OST lyrics in Urdu. Kuch Ankahi is a 2023 drama of Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas aired on Ary Digital. The drama story and Song are bundles of entertainment.

Singer: Aazan Sami Khan
Lyrics: Khalish

Dildara Kuch Ankahi OST Lyrics

Dildara Dil Wara Hai Thuj Pe
Jag Sara Dil Hara Thuj Pe

Silsalay Kuch Yun Chaly Tere Mere Pyar K
Mil K Akser Rah Mein Jane Hum Kyun Kho Gae

Pas Bhi Ate Rahe Dor Bhi Hote Rahe
Dil Tere Hathow Bere Majbor Bhi Hote Rahe

Dildara Dildara Dildara
Dildara Dildara Dildara
Oye Dildara Dildara

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