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Di4ries Season 2 Cast Name & Pictures – Netflix Series

Di4ries is a famous Italian Netflix series. Season 2 of Di4ries released in October 2023 with a new exciting story and talented cast. The series shows the excitement of first love and friendships. Let’s look at the Netflix series Di4ries season 2 cast real name, age, and pictures.

Di4ries Season 2 Cast Name

Andrea Arru as Pietro

Andrea Arru performed the role of Pietro in this series. His age is 16 years old. He appeared in many famous movies and series. He was part of “That Dirty Black Bag” and Glassboy.

Di4ries Season 2 Cast Name

Flavia Leone as Livia

Actress Flavia Leone played the character of Livia opposite Andrea Arru. Her age is 17 years. She started her acting career in 2022.

Di4ries Season 2 Cast Name

Biagio Venditti as Daniele

Biagio Venditti’s character name is Daniele. His age is 15 years old. Biagio Venditti’s gender is male. Di4ries is his debut series.

Di4ries Season 2 Cast Name

Sofia Nicolini as Isabel

Sofia Nicolini played the role of Isabel. She is a young Italian actress and her age is 15 years old. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches. This is the first series of Sofia Nicolini.

Liam Nicolosi as Giulio

Liam Nicolosi performed the role of Giulio in Di4ries. His famous series are “Eddie & Sunny” and “Heirs of the Night” and “Pure Hearts”. He started his acting career as a child artist in 2010.

Di4ries Season 2 New Cast

Fiamma Parente as Bianca Laremi (Giulio’s Cousin)
Emily Shaqiri as Katia (Mean Girl of Marina Grande)
Gabriele Taurisano as Roby (Pietro New Teammate)
Martina Frosini as Sara (Katia’s Best Friend)

Season 2 Supporting Cast

Pietro Sparvoli as Mirko
Francesca La Cava as Arianna
Frederica Franzellitti as Monica
Lorenzo Nicolo as Silverio
Sara Zanier as Mamma Pietro
Alessandro Procoli as Preside
Chiara Ricci as Mamma Livia
Francesco Simon as Papa Giulio

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