Danny Lambo Biography, Age, Wiki, Religion, Wife, Net Worth

Danny Lambo is a famous British Millionaire, reality star and entrepreneur. He came into limelight in 2017 after participating in the reality show “The X Factor 14th Season”. He is known for lavish lifestyle. Recently, he converted to Islam and shared the big news on his social media account. Read more details about Danny Lambo full biography, Wikipedia, age, net worth, family, wife and business.

Danny Lambo Biography/Wiki

Real Name & Age

Danny Lambo is approximately 37 years old. He belongs to Britain. His real name is Danny Karne and he changed his second name to Lambo due to his love for his Lamborghini Supercar. He owns many luxurious cars.

Danny Lambo Biography


He visited Saudi Arabia for his business meeting and returned to London as a Muslim. He also traveled to Makkah and performed the Umrah. After converting to Islam he shared his feelings on his social media account.

Danny Lambo Wife/Girlfriend

Danny Lambo is not married yet. Any data about his current girlfriend and relationship status is not available. He was consider as a famous playboy and in past was in relationship with many famous girls.

Business & Net Worth

His main business is Hotels in London. He has three hotels and real estate empire and these are his main source of income. His success journey is unbelievable, he is a self-made millionaire.

Social Media Handles

Danny Lambo Instagram: dannylamboofficial

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