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Criminal Code Series Cast Name, Story – Netflix 2023

Criminal Code is a Brazilian 2023 series released on Netflix. The story revolves around the difficult work routine of Federal Police Officers, they solve the complex cases in their country and reveal the dark hidden realities. The series is a perfect combination of thrill, action, and entertainment. Get more details about the Criminal Code Netflix series cast real name, and other information.

Series Details

Genres: Thrill, Action
Channel: Netflix
Language: Brazilain
Duration: 40 mints
Total Episodes: 8

Release Date

The Criminal Code series was released on 14th November 2023. You can watch the series on Netflix with English subtitles.

Criminal Code Series Cast

Maeve Jinkings as Suellen

Maeven Jinkings is a well-known Brazilian actress. She played the lead role of Suellen in this series. She is also famous for performing in “Neon Bull” and “Heartless”.

Criminal Code Series Cast

Romulo Braga as Benicio

Romulo Braga played the character of Benicio. He is 47 years old and his recent series was “It was not my fault”. He is also known for performing in “The River of Desire” a 2023 movie.

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Supporting Cast Name

Thomas Aquino as Sem Alma
Marcelo Di Marcio as Comandante PM Loanda
Guilherme Faria as Toreto
Luis Capti Kwong as Fernando Inoki
Pedro Caetano
Alex Nader
Guigerme Silva
Miguel Nader
Thiago Brianti
Milton Lacerda
Ramon Brant

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