Captivating the King Kdrama Cast Name & Actors Detail

Captivating the King is a 2024 Netflix thriller Kdrama series featuring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung in the lead roles with many other actors in the cast. This drama is about the story of a king who has enemies all around and Kang Hee Soo who falls in love with him in her plan to seek revenge. This drama is also available on Netflix. Here we have the Kdrama Captivating the King cast real name, pictures, actors, and actress details.

Captivating the King Kdrama Cast Name

Shin Se Kyung as Kang Hee Soo

Shin Se Kyung played the lead role of Kang Hee Soo in the Kdrama Captivating the King. She is 33 years old versatile Korean actress and singer. Arthdal Chronicles is her recent drama series.

Jo Jung Suk as Yi Ln

Jo Jung Suk performed the lead role of King Yi Ln in the Netflix Kdrama Captivating the King. He is 43 years old talented Korean actor. Hospital Playlist is among his latest famous drama series.

captivating the king kdrama cast name actor actress

Lee Shin Young as Kim Myung Ha

Lee Shin Young played the character of Kim Myung Ha in Kdrama Captivating the King. He is an emerging and talented Korean actor. He was also part of the famous Korean drama Crash Landing on You.

captivating the king kdrama cast name actor actress

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Park Ye Young as Lady Dong

Park Ye Young performed the role of Lady Dong in Captivating the King. She is a talented Korean actress who has appeared in many Korean dramas in supporting roles.

Kim Do Yoon as Bun Young

Kim Do Yoon played the character of Bun Young in the 2024 Kdrama Captivating the King. He appeared in the Korean series Song of Bandista and Hellbound.

Captivating the King Supporting Cast

Na Hayun Woo as Chu Dal Ha
Han Dong Hee as Hong Jang
Yang Kyung Won as Yoo Hyun Boo
Kang Hong Seok as Joo Sang Hwa
Jang Young Nam as Queen Dowager Park
Jo Sung Ha as Kim Jong Bae

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