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Canadian Travel Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle Embraced ISLAM

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian solo traveler who has traveled to various countries on her heavy bike. Rosie is also a famous vlogger and shares her traveling experiences with people through social media. Rosie Gabrielle visited Pakistan last year. She visited the northern areas of Pakistan and visited the most beautiful places in Pakistan. After visiting Pakistan, Rosie Gabrielle was so impressed by the behaviors of Muslims that she embraced Islam. Rosie enjoyed her visit to Pakistan and loved Pakistani culture and the Northern areas.

Rosie Gabrielle Embraced Islam

rosie gabrielle embraced islam

Rosie Gabrielle announced on her social media account recently that she has converted to Islam. She explained in detail how she felt when she visited Pakistan and met Muslims. Rosie Gabrielle embraced Islam and shared with people her feeling about Islam and Muslims.

Rosie Gabrielle said that she has gone through many hardships in the last years and in every trouble she questioned her existence and was very angry about what was happening to her. But when she visited Pakistan, a country, she was advised not to travel alone on her motorbike, She had a wonderful experience. She observed the Muslim family structure and observed their lifestyle very closely for the first time. She felt like she got answers to all the questions.

Rosie Gabrielle also explained how living for 10 years in Muslim countries impacted her way of thinking. She found Islam a very peaceful religion. She said that Islam is one of the most misunderstood and criticized religions in the world. But Islam is the religion of Peace, Love, and Oneness. Rosie Gabrielle embraced Islam and found her Peace of Heart and feelings of being on the right track. She credited Pakistan for accepting ISLAM because her visit to Pakistan helped her a lot to observe Islam and Muslims.

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rosie gabrielle embraced islam

Rosie Gabrielle is a solo traveler who has traveled to many countries of the world on her Motorbike. She had a solo visit to Pakistan on Motorbike last summer and was impressed by the beauty of Pakistan and the generous attitude of the Pakistani people.

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