Boy Swallows Universe Filming Location & Shooting Details

Boy Swallows Universe is a thriller series based on the story of Eli Bell. The shot location of Series Boy Swallows Universe is very beautiful. Here we have details of the Boy Swallows Universe series shooting location and filming details.

Boy Swallows Universe Filming Location

The shooting location of Boy Swallows Universe is Brisbane, Australia. The series Boy Swallowed Universe was filmed in Australia in 2022 and 2023. Some scenes are shot in the Queensland city of Brisbane in Australia.

Bracken Bridge is also one of the locations shown in the Boy Swallows Universe. The series has been filmed in the different areas of Brisbane. Series fans appreciated the stunning scenes in the series.

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Boy Swallows Universe novel is also a world-famous novel. It is famous to be based on the true story of one the friend of the author. The story of the series is very moving and touching.

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