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Blood Coast Series Cast Name & Photos – Netflix 2023

Blood Coast is a 2023 French Netflix series. In this action series, a group of police officers use outstanding tricks to track the dangerous criminals in the town. The series is full of action, thrill, and suspense. The lead cast is very talented and makes this entertaining with their incredible acting skills. Get more details about the Blood Coast series cast real name, age, and photos.

Netflix Series Details

Genres: Crime, Drama
Channel: Netflix
Language: French
Duration: 40 mints
Total Episodes: 6

Release Date

The 2023 series Blood Coast was released on Netflix on 6 December 2023.

Blood Coast Series Cast

Jeanne Goursaud as Alice Vidal

Jeanne Goursaud is a famous German-French actress, she played the lead role of Alice Vidal. She is 27 years old. Her recent popular series is “The Chemistry of Death” in 2023.

Blood Coast Series Cast

Nicolas Duvauchelle as Franck Murillo

Talented French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle played the role of Franck Murillo. He is 43 years old and known for performing the lead roles in many. He is married and has three children.

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Tewfik Jallab as Lyes Benamar

Tewfik Jallab is also part the series and his character name is Lyes Benamar. His age is 41 years. He started acting in 1994. His recent movie was “Oussekine” as a lead actor.

Blood Coast Series Cast

Lani Sogoyou as Audrey Ilunga

Actress Lani Sogoyou played the character of Audrey Ilunga, who is a colleague of Lyes Benamar. Her acting is outstanding in this series.

Blood Coast Series Cast

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Supporting Cast Name

Moussa Maaskri as Tarek Hamadi
Florence Thomassin as Commissaire Fabinai
Samir Boitard as Ali Saidi
Mila Rigaudon as Zoe
Gino Montesinos as Tarek Hamadi
Idir Azougli as Max
Pascale Petit
Diouc Koma as Victor
Olivier Barthelemy
Foued Nabba
Martial Bezot
Renaud Roussel
Adil Dehbi


How many episodes of the Netflix series Blood Coast?
There are 6 episodes of the 2023 series Blood Coast.
Is Blood Coast based on a novel?
No, this series is not based on any novel.

What was the Shooting Location of Blood Coast?
Blood Coast series was filmed in Marseille, France.
Is Blood Coast based on a True Story?
The Blood Coast is not based on any true story.

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