Baby Bandito Netflix Cast Name & Actors Detail

Baby Bandito is a 2024 action and thriller Netflix series. This series is a perfect combination of suspense, action, and entertainment. The story is inspired by the real Robbery that occurred in Chile. It tells the story of Kevin, he steals the plan of a dangerous gang and steals the 7 Million dollars from the Airport. The main characters are performed by talented actors. Get more details about the 2024 Netflix series Baby Bandito cast real name, story, release date, and writer.

Series Details

Genres: Thriller, Action
Channel: Netflix
Director: Julio Jorquera
Valeria Hoffman
Language: English
Duration: 45 mints
Total Episodes: 8

Release Date

The series Baby Bandito was released on 31st January 2023 on Netflix.

Baby Bandito Netflix Series Cast Name

Nicolas Contreras as Kevin

Nicolas Contreras played the role of Kevin in series Baby Bandito. This is his first series of Nicolas as a lead actor. He also works as a voiceover artist.

Baby Bandito Series Cast

Francisca Armstrong as Genesis

Francisca Armstron’s character name is Genesis in this series. She is a talented Chilean actress and social media influencer. She started her career as an actress in 2022.

Baby Bandito Series Cast

Pablo Macaya as Pantera

Pablo Macaya is a young and talented actor, he played the role of Pantera. He played prominent characters in many hit series and movies. His new series is Burning Patience.

Carmen Zabala as Mistica

Carmen Zabala performed the role of Mistica in the series and her acting was appreciated by the viewers. She is 36 years old and known for best acting skills. Her latest series was “Life Itself” in 2023.

Lukas Vergara as Panda

The role of Panda is played by Lukas Vergara. He is also known for his role in “Nobody Know I’m Here”.

Supporting Cast

Amparo Noguera
Paulina Urrutia
Ricardo Fernandez
Marcelo Alonso
Francisca Imboden
Mario Horton
Mariana Loyola

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