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Asim Azhar Surprise Birthday Party for Hania Amir

Hania Amir and Asim Azher are well-known celebrities in the Pakistan Showbiz industry, they established their successful career in a short time. Asim Azher and Hania Amir appeared together in their personal and professional life events. Recently Hania Amir turned 23 and on Haina Amir Birthday, Asim Azher hosted a surprise party at Superspace Karachi. He arranged a fun party for Dimple girl and invited their close friends to enjoy this celebration.

Hania Amir Birthday Party

hania amir birthday party
hania amir birthday party

Hania Amir wore a casual black top with jeans at her 22nd Birthday and looked gorgeous at the party. She was born on 11, February 1997 in Karachi and started her acting career in 2016.

Newlywed couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain were invited to Hania Amir Birthday. Iqra Aziz is looking pretty in formal western attire. Birthday Party pictures highlight the excitement of all celebrities.

hania amir birthday party
hania amir birthday party

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Hania Amir and Asim Azher didn’t announce officially their relationship. Their pictures always create curiosity among their fans. They both have a huge fan following and people like to see them together in real life and on-screen. The couple always supports each other in every step of their life and know how to fill their life with fun and excitement.

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