Arshad Reels Biography – Dua, Family, City, Wife, Income

Pakistani Content creator Arsad Reels’s family vlogs are current viral content in both Pakistan and India. Arshad and his family have been trending on many social media networks TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. His videos are famous due to his entertaining family vlogging with his cute daughters Dua and Zainab. Many other content creators recreate his reels and make them more interesting. Indian Music producer Mayur Jumani created an interesting song composition by using the viral dialogues of Arshad Reels. Get more information about Arshad Reels complete biography.

Arshad Reels Biography/Wiki


Arshad is married and he has 2 daughters and one son. He creates entertaining videos with his family based on Islamic lessons. They have many fans from both India and Pakistan.

Arshad Reels Biography

Dua & Zainab Age

Arshad Reels’s daughter Dua is 3 years old and she is very popular on social media. Arshad’s age is 39 years old.

Location and Income

Arshad Reels lives in Sailkot with his family and continues his career as a content creator. He also learned to play Harmonica in the past but left music due to Islamic values. Now he is earning nearly 3 to 4 lakh Rs per month from his YouTube channel. He shared his earning details in his recent podcast.

Social Media Handles

Arshad Reels Instagram: arshadreels

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