Arif Lohar Biography – Age, Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth

Arif Lohar is a famous Pakistani singer and actor. He sings many hit Punjabi songs with heart-touching lyrics. He has a huge fan following all over the world. Arif Lohar is famous for his unique singing style and melodious voice. Find more details about singer Arif Lohar biography, age, wife, sons, brothers, career, and net worth.

Arif Lohar Singer Biography

Age: 57 years
Date of Brith: 18 April 1966
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Religion: Islam
Education: Not Known

Arif Lohar Wife/Son

Arif Lohar’s wife died in 2021, he has three sons. His wife passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Arif Lohar’s wife name and pictures are not available. His sons are also talented singers like him.


Arif Lohar’s hometown is Lala Musa, Gujrat. He lives in Lahore with his family. His father’s name is Alam Lohar, he was also a talented singer. He has 6 brothers and 5 sisters. Arif Lohar’s cast is Mughal and his language is Punjabi.

Career & Net Worth

He is known for his most popular songs “Jugni Ji” and “Aa Tenu Moj Karawaa”. He also appeared as an actor in supporting roles in Punjabi movies. His brothers are settled in London.

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Social Media Handle

Arif Lohar Instagram: arifloharjugniking


What is age of singer Arif Lohar?
Arif Lohar is 57 years old.
Which is the latest song of Arif Lohar?
His latest hit song is “Aa Tenu Moj Karwaa”.

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