“Alif” Fans are in Love with the Acting of Sajal Ali

The Drama serial Alif is based on Umera Ahmed’s novel Alif. Like all other novels of Umera Ahmed, Alif’s story is also heart-touching, another masterpiece by her. A story based on the connection between human beings and Allah Almighty is written in a very beautiful style. Drama serial Alif has met all expectations of fans and the incredible acting skills of Sajal Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi have won everyone’s heart. All actors have done an excellent job and Alif has successfully impressed all fans of Umera Ahmed’s novels.

Sajal Aly Drama Alif

Alif always trends on the internet after each episode. Sajal Ali in one of her interviews revealed that she has worked very hard on this project. She thinks for a drama based on the novel, it becomes very difficult to meet fans’ expectations as they already have a very strong imagination after reading the novel. But Sajal and Hamza’s performance has impressed everyone.

Hamza Ali Abbasi announced to leave showbiz and thus Drama series Alif becomes the last drama by Hamza Ali Abbasi. But his acting has made Alif one of his best drama serials. All dialogues and the location “Turkey” where a few episodes have been shoot are amazing. Kubra Khan as “Husan-e-Jahan” and Ahsan Khan as “Taha” have done a brilliant job and the perfection of their acting skills is worth admiring. Sajal Ali in Drama Alif is looking extremely beautiful in role of Momina Sultan.

People started to compare Mere Pass Tum Ho and Alif. Some loved Mere Pass Tum Ho more and some declared Alif a masterpiece that has no competition. Mere Pass Tum Ho’s story was completely based on the love story of a man and the disloyalty of his wife. On the other hand, Alif is the story of man’s connection to Allah Almighty and spirituality. The story and theme of both drama serials are opposite each other. Both have a different but huge fan base.

Alif has beautifully described the concept of spirituality, success, and failure. Sajal Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi proved themselves the best choice for Momina and Qalib-e-Momin characters.

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