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Aiman Khan revealed her weight loss Diet Plan after Pregnancy

The most followed Pakistani Celebrity Aiman Khan shared her diet plan after pregnancy, she followed after the birth of her daughter Amal. Aiman Khan revealed her weight loss tricks and shocked her fans with her amazing weight loss tips. She is a super mom and she loves to take care of her little princess Amal. In an interview, she told she never leaves Amal with maid and prefer to do her care by herself.

Aiman Khan Weight Loss Tips

Aiman Khan explained how she lost weight after her pregnancy. She gained 30kg weight during her pregnancy and her doctor told her she will have a complication in her delivery. She was 90kg at the time of her delivery. She never wants to be a fat girl. After the birth of Amal she ate food according to the suggestion of her doctor. After 3 months of delivery in November 2019, she started her diet plan and lost weight with the passage of time and came back to her original pretty look. She made her diet plan by herself. According to Aiman Khan, we need 4 days to implement a diet plan properly.  

Aiman Khan Diet Plan after Pregnancy
Aiman Khan Diet Plan after Pregnancy

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Aiman Khan Diet Plan after Pregnancy

Black Coffee in Breakfast

Drink Green Tea

Eat Brown Bread

Not eat Sugar, Rice, Fried Items, and Bread

Aiman Khan Kehva Recipe

Add Ajvain, Black Tea and Darcehni in water and make Kehva, drink it instead of Water.

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