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Aima Baig Sister Komal Baig’s Mayoun Pics

Aima Baig is a young and talented singer and known for her charming personality. Aima Baig sister Komal Baig tied the knot and shared stunning pictures from her wedding events. One week ago, Komal Baig shared her beautifully illustrated wedding card. Her husband’s name is Salem, he lives in Dubai. Komal Baig shared her Mayoun Pics from a beautiful ceremony.

Here, we have shared stunning Mayoun Pics of Aima Baig sister Komal Baig. She wore a traditional wedding outfit in a pink and yellow dress. She is looking beautiful in her mayoun event. Let’s have a look at beautiful pictures of the Komal Baig wedding festive.

Komal Baig Mayoun Pics
Komal Baig Mayoun Pics
Komal Baig Mayoun Pics

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Komal Baig works as a business manager of Aima Baig. She manages her daily activities and helps her to manage her professional life. In 2020, many Pakistani celebrities got married and started a new journey in their life.  

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