Abbas Ashraf Biography – Age, Wife, Brother, Dramas

Abbas Ashraf’s complete name is Abbas Ashraf Awan is a rising star in the Pakistan showbiz industry. He got more popularity from his character Atif in the super hit drama Sabata. He is a young and handsome actor and model. He started his career by modeling and now he proved his acting skills by performing in hit dramas. He has appeared in many commercials for national and multi-national companies. If you want to about Abbas Ashraf Biography and other interesting facts about his personal and professional life, just scroll down.

Abbas Ashraf Biography

Age & Height

Abbas Ashraf was born on 21st December 1992. His height is 5 feet 10 inches. He lives in Islamabad with his family.


Abbas Ashraf completed his education at ISSC Islamabad Science School and College.

Abbas Ashraf Brother

He is the younger brother of famous actor and writer Imran Ashraf. Like many other Pakistani celebrities Imran Ashraf help his brother to start his showbiz career. Both brothers are talented and give their best performances in dramas.

Abbas Ashraf Dramas

Abbas Ashraf performed in many hit dramas with both supporting and lead roles. He performed the role of Atif in Sabaat, Atif is a friend of Ameer Gilani. Viewers just love his acting. He will also appear in the Movie “Chaudhary”, which will be released soon.

Abbas Ashraf Dramas list:

Main Khawb Bunti Hun
Kabhi Band Kabhi Baaja
Ustani Jee
Pari Hun Mein

Abbas Ashraf Biography

Social Media Handles

Abbas Ashraf Facebook: Abbas Ashraf Awan
Abbas Ashraf Instagram: Abbas Ashraf Awan

Abbas Ashraf Pics

Abbas Ashraf always share his amazing pictures on his social media account.

Abbas Ashraf Biography
Abbas Ashraf Biography

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