A Time Called You Series Shooting Location Details

A Time Called You is a 2023 romantic Netflix Series released on 8th September. The heart-touching story of the Korean drama A Time Called You just impresses the drama viewers. There are a total 12 episodes with a bundle of romance, suspense, and entertainment. A Time Called You Korean series shooting location are very beautiful and make this series more interesting.

A Time Called You Filming Locations

The drama was filmed in different locations in South Korea. Some scenes were shot in the Southern part of the Korean Peninsula (near the border of North Korea). In the drama’s recent press conference, the lead actors Ahn Hyo Seop, Kang Hoona, and Jung In-gyu stated, “They worked for this series from Spring to Winter and enjoyed filming an exciting script.”

How many episodes is a time called you?
There are 12 Episodes in the Netflix series A Time Called You.
Will a time called you be on Netflix?
Yes, A Time Called You is an original Netflix Korean Series.

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