A Long Way Home Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

A Long Way Home is a 2023 Chinese drama released on 27th August 2023. The story is full of emotions, suspense, and entertainment. A Long Way Home Chinese drama lead cast name is Zhang Wan Yi as Chen Xing Jie, Let’s have a look at the 2023 drama “A Long Way Home” full cast real name, picture, and story.

Drama Details

Genres: Drama, Life
Writer: Zhao Dong Ling
Duration: 45 mints
Total Episodes: 30

Release Date

The Chinese drama “A Long Way Home” was released on August 27, 2023.

Where to Watch A Long Way Home

You can watch the 2023 Chinese drama “A Long Way Home” on WeTV and Tencent Video.

A Long Way Home Chinese Drama Cast

Zhang Wan Yi as Chen Xing Jie
Liu Lin as Na CunHua
Guo Tao as Gu Chang Shan
Zhang Yue as Lin Xiao Qing
ZhouFang as Liang Feng Xia
Li Le as Gu Zhao Cheng
Zhang Kai Tai as Gu Zhao Xi
Liu Pei as Liu Zi Qiang
Ge Shan Shan as Ma Xiao Yun
Wang Li Na as Liang Feng Ju
Jiang Feng as Liang Fu Kuan
Qi Xiang as Huang Xiao Ping
Allen Ting as Carles
Zhang Rui Han as Qin Yan
Yun Qian Qian as Yao Yao
Yue Jia Yi as Xuan Xuan

A Long Way Home Chinese Drama Cast

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A Long Way Home Drama Story

In the story of A Long Way Home, the viewers will see the end of the 1990s. The forestry industry started to face problems and for thr first time, the Gu Changshan family and their work had the opportunity to stay or leave the industry.

Gu Changshan’s family adopted a boy named Xingjie, he is orphaned and his father died during duty. The family helps him to get higher studies. After completing his education, he played his role in saving the forestry industry.

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