5 interesting Mere Pass Tum Ho End Story Predictions

Superhit drama “Mere Pass Tum Ho” fans are very excited to watch the last episode. ARY Digital announced on their official Facebook page, that the “Mere Pass Tum Ho” last episode will be on air after 2 weeks on 25th January 2020. Mere Pass Tum Ho last episode will be screened in all big cinemas of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. This two weeks duration to watch the Mere Pass Tum Ho ending increase the curiosity among fans. People are predicting an interesting “Mere Pass Tum Ho end story” on social media. Here, we have shared some amazing predictions about the Mere Pass Tum Ho last episode.

Mere Pass Tum End Story

Mere Pass Tum Ho writer Khalil-ur-Rehman said in his interview the ending of drama will be a big surprise for all viewers. One main character of the drama will be murdered in the last episode. People start sharing interesting predictions about the mysterious murder.

mere pass tum ho end story
mere pass tum ho end story

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Viewers have made various predictions about Mere Pass Tum ho end story. Here, we have shared the 5 main predictions about the last episode.

Danish will die due to cancer and leave all his property for Mahwish and Romi. Mahwish will spend her life with regret of leaving the Danish for money.

Danish will marry with Hania. Mehwish will kill the Shehwar for cheating her. Police will arrest the Mehwish and she will spend rest of her life in jail.

Danish will meet Mehwish and forgive her. He will go back to his home and will die in a car accident.

Danish will go to his flat to meet Mehwish. Shehwar will come there and after watching the Danish with Mehwish, he will kill the Mehwish and police will arrest the Shehwar. Danish will marry with Hania.

Danish will marry with Hania (teacher of Romi). Hania will give birth to their baby and die. Mehwish will live alone and Danish will live with his kids.

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