Learn How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 with Your Phone

Nowadays it is very easy to download videos and music from the internet. There are several websites that in a few steps allow anyone to convert music from YouTube to MP3. Maybe you need to use a song in a school project or just want to listen to that song that you can’t get out of your head without being hindered by ads. A simple search on Google and many, many sites appear. All serve the same purpose, download videos from YouTube and convert it to MP3 using your phone. However, when we are faced with so many options, we are left wondering which site to use. Finding a reliable and free site becomes a journey!

Here we have listed the Top 3 Video Download and MP3 Converter Mobile Phone apps, with their notable features.


Videos to MP3 with your phone

Snaptube is an app for Android that will not only allow us to download YouTube videos in a very simple way, but it is also an application to download videos from Facebook, Instagram Stories, and the even WhatsApp States. We can perfectly use Snaptube to move and browse YouTube with the advantage that when we find a video that we like, we can have it in a few moments in our terminal to enjoy it whenever we want without depending on the streaming app, or Internet connection. 

Vidmate APK

Vidmate APK is one of the reliable and popular video downloaders for Android devices. You can pick from various sites to download videos like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Allows streaming and downloading of videos in various formats. This app uses Advanced Downloader Engine to save files rapidly. Also, downloading files at the same time does not affect speed. The Vidmate application has a built-in video and music player. It gives you the ability to create encrypted space in your application to hide your videos.


We have all come across someone who always asks us if we know an app for downloading YouTube MP4 or a song. It is true that there are numerous apps, especially on Android, for this function, but there is an easier and faster alternative just a click away in your browser: Snappea.

Snappea is basically an online site that lets you submit videos or music without having to pay for the premium version of YouTube. Using it is the easiest thing in the world.

Snappea is designed to be used in any browser, but mainly for those who can’t or don’t want to use an application outside the official store on their mobile device, which is even more convenient if you use an iPhone or iPad to convert YouTube MP4 video. Although this category of ‘app’ is also not allowed on Android (in this case there is the Snaptube online option, which is compatible with the browser).

As you can read, it is not only for smartphone or tablet browsers, you can also use it with a browser on a ‘desktop’ computer, be it a MAC or other computers. Of course, you need enough space to download the files you want, as well as a good Internet connection.


The video download application allows you to save videos and convert them to MP3 on your Android Phone for free. All the above applications have different functions, but the main functions of downloading music and videos are the same. You can also change the resolution and set the path for saving files. Try them out and share your experience!

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