Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Cast Name 2023 & Story

Exclusive Fairytale is a 2023 romantic Chinese drama with a lead cast name Zhang Miao Yi as Xiao Tu and Jun as Ling Chao. The drama story shows the love life of a young high school couple. The drama script is the best combination of romance, comedy, and emotions.

This Chinese series will be released on July 27, 2023. Let’s take a look at more information about the series Exclusive Fairytale actors’ real name, age, pictures, and much more.

Drama Details

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Director: Gong Yu Shi
Network: iQiyi
Duration: TBA
Total Episodes: 24

Release Date

The Chinese 2023 drama Exclusive Fairytale will be released on 27th July 2023. If you love to watch romantic comedy dramas, then this series is best to watch.

Day & Timings

The new episode of Exclusive Fairytale will be aired every Thursday.

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Cast

Zhang Miao Yi as Xiao Tu – 24 years old
Wen Junhui as Ling Chao – 27 years old
Cheryn Lin as Xu Ling Long – 25 years old
Xiaong Ao Bo as Yin Zi Han
Wu Luo Han as Hao Kai Xing
Hao Zhu Yu as Jia Si Wen
Cheng Yu Fend as Zhou Xing Yu
Zhao Lu as Jiang Juan Juan
Tan Jia Tai as Zhu Wen Yu
Wang Qiang as Liu Jun Xia
Cen Ming as Jiang Hu

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Where to Watch Exclusive Fairytale

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese drama is available on iQiyi and it will also be available on other networks, stay tuned for more information.

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Story

The Chinese 2023 drama Exclusive Fairytale story revolves around the childhood sweethearts Xiao Tu and Ling Chao. They help each other always and share their happiness and sorrows. Ling Chao’s mother treats Xiao Tu as her own daughter. He falls in love with Xiao Tu but never expresses his feelings.

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FAQs About Exclusive Fairytale

Has Exclusive Fairytale been released?
Yes, Exclusive Fairytale is released on 27th July 2023.
Where can we watch Exclusive Fairytale?

The 2023 Chinese drama Exclusive Fairytale will be aired on iQiyi and YouTube.

Who is the male lead in the Chinese drama Exclusive Fairytale?
Chinese actor Jun (Ling Chao) performs the lead role in Exclusive Fairytale.
When is the Exclusive Fairytale release date?
The Exclusive Fairytale started on July 27, 2023.

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