Dua Zehra Case Full Story, Latest Update & Interview Detail

The case of missing girl Dua Zehra is in news for many days. Here we have Dua Zehra case latest update, the full story, and her interview details. For the past few days, trends for Dua Zahra could be on Pakistani social media. But day by day this story is getting more confused. Let’s dig in to know about the Dua Zahra case full story and the latest update.

dua zehra case full story latest update

Dua Zehra Case Latest Update

According to the latest update of the Dua Zehra case, In Sindh High Court it has been proved that she was not kidnapped. Her age test was taken according to which she is 16-17 years old. She desired to go with his husband to court. The case decision was in a favor of Zaheer.

Dua Zehra’s family is claiming is claiming that this is a case of Human Trafficking. They claimed that their daughter is just a minor of 14 years old. In her videos, the dark circles under her eyes and her poor health condition could be seen easily. She is being tortured and he says only what she is forced to say. His father has decided to go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Many NGO organizations are also supporting him.

Dua Zehra Case Full Story

A girl named Dua Zehra got missing from Karachi during Ramadan. Her family was searching for her everywhere. They appeared on a Ramadan show to seek the government’s attention in finding their daughter. After a few days, Police recovered Dua Zahra from Lahore.

Dua Zehra recorded a video in presence of Police that she has married a boy named Zaheer in Lahore willingly. She was not kidnapped instead she left home willingly. But Dua Zehra’s parents rejected those claims. They claimed that she is just 14 year old and she is underage to get married.

Dua Zehra’s father claimed that she is 14 years old while on her Nikkahnama, her age was mentioned as 18 years old. Despite many claims from the Dua Zehra’a apparent husband’s family, her parent did not accept this. They filed a case in the high court. After investigation, police found that Dua Zehra’s Nikkahnama is fake.

Dua Zehra’s father filed a case in Sindh High Court. She was moved to Karachi from Lahore by Police. But she was not allowed to meet her family. In court, she said that she want to live with his husband, not her family. Court’s decision was in favor of Dua Zehra’s husband Zaheer. She went to Lahore once again with him. But her father said that he will challenge that decision in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

dua zehra case full story latest update

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Dua Zahra Interview

A YouTuber Zunaira Mahum interviewed Dua Zehra and her alleged husband Zaheer. Netizens raised many questions regarding Dua Zehra’s look and host behavior in the interview. In the interview, Dua Zehra claimed that she has married Zaheer willingly. They met through PUBG and she fell in love with him. Her family denied so, she came to Lahore to marry Zaheer.

dua zehra case full story latest update
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